continue to look to Jesus


Continue to look to him, my dear friend, and he will guide you with his eye, give you support for the present, and direction for the future. If he were upon earth, and you could get near him—would you not lay your difficulties before him? You have the same liberty and encouragement to do it now—as if you saw him with your eyes! I need not tell you this; you know it; yet though our judgments are fully convinced that he is as near, as kind, as attentive to our concerns, as ready to hear and as willing to assist as our own hearts can wish—it is not always easy to reduce these sentiments to practice.

Unbelief, that injurious hindrance, interposes and starts a thousand anxious thoughts to hide him from us. If you find, through grace, that you are submissive, and only desirous to know his will, and continue waiting upon him, then fear not; he will not allow a soul that depends upon him to take a wrong step in a matter of such importance. And if you find that he has assisted and owned you in what you have done hitherto, I would not have you entertain an uneasy doubt that you have acted wrong.

excerpt from letter written by John Newton


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  1. Hey there Emily!
    Wow! I really needed this today! I had one of the worst interviews today, sometimes I fear and battle with unbelief. I struggle with whether or not God is aware of my situation, this is a great reminder that He is indeed aware and He is totally in control! Thanks so much for sharing this today!
    I hope that everything is going well your way.
    Ron Reffett

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