question and answer


The Question:

I’m only a man. Who am I
That I should approach your throne?
What hope is there that you will listen
to me, God of power unknown?

I have a case to bring before you
Of my many sorrows and woes
There’s much that my mortal mind can’t comprehend
your works and ways I don’t know.

How I long for days of old 
When your Spirit lightened my way.
When darkness seemed not dark to me
Your presence drove all shadows away.

I remember the time when blessing you gave and
Your friendship, it guarded my thoughts
I had many companions, honor and fame;
Whatever I wanted, I bought.

My path was not rough, smooth as butter it seemed;
Profits and joy did abound.
I lived as a king, gave help to the poor;
For righteousness I was renown.

But yet you’ve afflicted; I don’t understand
why you’ve chosen this test for me.
I’ve followed your ways, Lord, and done what you’ve asked.
Not given my ways to deceit.

Search me, now, my Sovereign, consider my ways.
And see if what I speak is right.
If you find me guilty then judge me as such
Rise up then in all of your might.


 The Answer:

Now listen to me and dress like I man
If you are as that which you say.
Its my turn to question. As if you would know
The answers or my power could sway.

You bring only counsel from your mind and thoughts
But knowledge you have not just yet.
Stand. Give me the answers to what I now ask.
Its what I demand and will get.

Where were you on that day when your world was made?
Were you there as I measured and set
Each planet in orbit? The foundation for earth?
I knew not it was a duet!

Do stars sing your glory? Do waves know your voice?
Does morning arise at your call?
Have you ever walked in the depths of the sea?
Did you form the sun as a ball?

Tell me if you know where the darkness comes from
Or the storehouses of rain and hail?
Can you manage storms with your voice alone?
The stars… can you count them at all?

When young ones cry to Almighty for help
Do you answer? You mortal man?
Do you shut the jaw of the lion so strong
To protect the innocent lamb?

The horses great might was not given by you.
The eagle won’t soar on command.
The ox or the ostrich don’t beckon your call
You, whose days are merely a span!

So who are you that you find fault with me?
The God who controls all I made.
Who argues against me and stands on that day?
Answer me, if you find a way.


 The Response:

Behold, now in silence I shut up my mouth.
I have spoken.  And that I abhor.
I’ll give you no answer. I have none you see.
I proceed with this trial no more.


The Challenge:

No, dress like a man. Stand now in this trial.
You accuse me: You’ll stand till the end.
You put me as wrong? Condemn my decrees?
Let’s see what witness you send.

Is your arm as God’s?  Your voice as the thunder?
Can you judge the wicked and proud?
Can you grant that your hand will save you from death?
If so, Then I’ll listen to what you allow.

I made the behemoth, the first of creation
With powerful strength as a tree.
The turbulent waters do not frighten Him.
Can you rope him? Will he follow you free?

Or Leviathan? Can you fish him out from the sea?
And play with him as with a bird?
Can you tame him? Make him as a pet for your girls?
Will he speak to you with soft words?

You dare not!  In your weakness, as mortal you know that
Even the thought is absurd.
You would not go fishing with hopes him to catch,
For you fear him, as worms fear a bird.


The Confession:

Behold I now know that you are my God.
Though I’d heard of you, this now I see.
Your ways are not thwarted, your purposes fast.
My complaint cannot change your decree.

 I’ve uttered in foolishness, that which I don’t know.
I despise now this trial I brought.
I repent of my pride, I despise who I am – as you’ve shown me
And now I’ve been taught.

Have mercy on me. In my weakness I bow
Before you, the Creator of all
As a creature.  Abase. In dust and ashes.
Aware of my stature so small.


The Conclusion:

Stand, o man, created and called
by me in my power alone.
I know of your weakness and that you can’t know
All the wonders of which you’ve been shown.

I don’t judge for your weakness but forgive as you bow
Humbly now, hiding your face.
Stand in my presence, welcome and loved
And I will restore to your place.

The glory you once knew on days long ago
You’ll receive again on this earth.
In your trial you were faithful. Through it you endured.
And trusting, my name didn’t curse.

I’ll bless you and give you much more than you know,
Inheritance so great you will have.
Then soon, trial is over and with Me you’ll be.
Blessed eternally. Rest. Peace. At last.


 © Emily Schankweiler 2009


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