hehe :)


sometimes they say just to laugh at what life brings you… that laughter is the best medicine.  This is my pitiful attempt.  But hey, it made me smile so I guess job accomplished.  :)

The grass, it is greener,

Or that’s what they say

But each time I get there

Its withered away.

If they say “we don’t know

What is wrong with you”

One more time, I’ll go nuts…

Might move to the zoo.

I cannot keep food down

It feels like a truck

Has parked upon my neck

I want to throw up.

I think there’s a monster

That lives in my head

Bash head against the wall…

Maybe then he’d be dead.

Pain pills are the answer

Your liver’s okay

But take them tomorrow

Cirrhosis will stay…

Just functioning through it

One day at a time

If I do this much longer

I might lose my mind.

written by ES 7/24/09


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