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yesterday I arrived in Gaithersburg Md for the Worship God 09 conference.  physically i am exhausted but am having a good time.  the conference started with the Na band leading worship and we sang 2 songs from the new Sons and Daughters album.  Then John Piper preached about God’s glory in Himself and how that is actually not arrogance but rather what brings us the greatest joy as well.  it was deep. and good.

this morning began with announcements from Mark Altrogge.  If you’ve never seen him give announcements, you’re really missing a treat.  Bob Kauflin was laughing so hard he could barely stand. was fun.  then we had worship again, and another sermon by John Piper.  because I had a migraine, I ended up going out into the lobby during the worship set.  I ended up in a conversation with one of the guys working at the conference.  We talked for a while and by the end we were both in tears but also greatly encouraged.  its great to see how God works…and to remember (and be reminded) that He is good.  that conversation was that for me.

after the sermon, i was still suffering from some of the after effects of the migraine (numbness, weakness, etc) so physically I could not stand in the line with the other 2500 people waiting for lunch.  so one of the volunteers went and got mine and we ended up eating together.

in the afternoon, i attended two songwriting seminars taught by Keith and Kristyn Getty.  They went through 4 songs in each of their seminars, talked about what motivated them to write that song, different biblical themes they wanted to incorporate, the importance of feedback and collaboration, etc.  then we had a question and answer time and sang a few songs.  it was great and i have lots of notes.

now its time for a nap… i’ve got 30 minutes before we need to get up again, eat dinner and head back to the conference for the evening session.  i can’t remember right now who is preaching tonight but if the last day and a half are any clue… its gonna be good!  :)

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  1. ironically, some of my favorite conference memories are of Mark doing announcements. Glad you’re enjoying other parts too, in spite of the migraine!

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