fearfully and wonderfully made


I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.  Psalm 139:14  “Preach truth to yourself, Em. Don’t let your feelings or emotions walk all over you…walk all over them with the TRUTH!!!”


A dear friend of mine sent me this verse & message yesterday morning.  I was complaining to her that I hadn’t been feeling well and the medicine I am taking has made my stomach even worse.  Physically the past week or so has just been hard.  And emotionally it’s been a roller coaster of epic proportions.  I haven’t slept well lately and seem to just need help to make one aching foot move in front of the other.  So, I have found myself struggling to have joy, to trust in God and to run to Him as my sweet Comforter… and then I’ve been discouraged as I see my piles of overwhelming sin and weakness.


Over at the Blazing Center, the post yesterday morning was about the “pitbull widow”… the widow who kept coming with a tenacious faith, pleading and begging for justice.  My first thought was sinfully, “I’m tired of asking God for answers…I’m tired of having faith… I’m tired of Him not answering me… I’m tired… I’m tired… I’m tired…”  My second thought was worse than the self-absorbed first.  It was “why doesn’t God care?  Why won’t He answer?  He knows how tired and weary I am…”


Then I left those thoughts and quickly got wrapped up in the day.  Well at lunch, I re-read the email from my friend.  And God just really spoke to me and encouraged me with a few things.  I realized that no matter how I feel, the truth is that I am wonderfully made by an all-wise, all-loving Creator.  This body that hurts for no reason, the migraines, the weakness, the pain… was wonderfully planned by a God who is not limited, as I am. 


It’s not an accident.  It’s not an oversight.  It’s not sign of a God who does not hear or care… All that happens in my life is planned by a God who loves me… a God who delights in me coming to him in my weakness, with a humble dependence on Him, tenaciously bringing my requests with a pitbull like confidence and trust in His goodness. 


I often find it hard (or nearly impossible) to praise God for my body.  It’s so hard to praise God for weakness.  And I’m so aware of the weakness and imperfections.  And yet, as the Psalmist says “wonderful are Your works, my soul knows it VERY well.”  So, though I don’t have the strength to praise God for this, I am praying for grace that He would empower me to do so in spite of how I feel.


God’s amazing works of redeeming me, of adopting and accepting me, of providing physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc. for me is overwhelming.  He has not forgotten me.  His faithfulness is with me.  The Almighty Creator of the universe made me … with all my imperfections, so that I would use my days to bring glory to Him.. that He would be glorified in my weakness. 


For all I have done against this holy God, I should be in hell.  Yet in His gracious lovingkindness, I am not.  Through the blood of Jesus Christ, I am forgiven.  And in God’s mercy, I am living a full, rich life where I have food every day and a bed to go home and sleep in. 


I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.  Psalm 139:14


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