i don’t know what i’m doing…


so i joined twitter yesterday.  i’m beginning to realize just how much i don’t understand and just how disconnected i am from this whole “cyber generation” thing.  :)

i was thinking about adding an RSS feed to my blog.  but i don’t really know what that means or how to do it.  :(  any thoughts?

help out a poor dumb friend here…


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  1. Hi Emily,

    That makes two of us…I just joined Twitter yesterday :) There should be a widget for Twitter on your WordPress settings….take a look ? You can also go to feedburner.com (now run by Google) to get an rss feed for your blog.

  2. Emily, You already have an RSS feed on your blog – most blogs do. Your blog feed is https://asacrificeofpraise.wordpress.com/feed/ Feedburner is just a 3rd party RSS feed that is useful is you want to see statistics for the Feedburner RSS subscriptions.

    I use Google Reader (an RSS reader) to read your blog and a bunch of other blogs. Whenever you post something new, I get it on Google Reader through RSS. The same with Twitter accounts, which are just mini-blog posts. All I do in Google Reader is enter the web address, and Google Reader automatically finds the RSS for that website. It saves time because I don’t have to visit any of the blogs to see if they’re updated because I have all the updated posts in one place on Google Reader.

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