about 2 weeks ago, I started working out with a personal trainer.  My goals would be to lose some weight, to just increase overall health and strength and try to get my body to the point where its more able to fight off sickness. 

its been quite the process so far.  in the first week I lost 5 lbs… haven’t weighed yet this week, but based on the amount of sweat that has poured off of me, I’m hoping to at least have lost something.  :)

its been a challenge… i thought I had a good handle on self control and what i ate simply from the fact that I have so many food allergies.  There’s nothing like measuring and weighing your food to help you realize that “whoa! that serving size was WAY too huge!”  So, its an area that I’m seeking to grow in self control and balance. 

But as much sin as its revealed (lack of discipline and self control), overall I have really been encouraged.  Working with the trainer is much different than working out alone.  In some ways its easier… in other ways its harder.  Its definitely more intense and I sweat a heck of a lot more.  But its encouraging to know that I’m doing it right and won’t injure myself because of lack of knowledge or experience. 

I look forward to seeing the hard work pay off… but for now, I’m still in the “go home after the gym, put ice packs on my sore muscles and collapse” phase.  Hopefully soon I’ll be in the “all my clothes are too big… let’s go find some good deals or find someone to give me some skinny clothes” phase.  :)

wish me luck… and I’d appreciate your prayers… that 1) I physically would have the ability to keep going with this … 2) that I would stick with it even when I don’t feel like it and … 3) that I don’t kill my trainer.  :)

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