i made it through the day…


 i just wanted to post a quick update and say I made it through the day yesterday.  there were several times I just wanted to sit down and cry, but by God’s grace I was able to simply keep plugging along.  it wasn’t a day of great achievements or accomplishments but God sustained me through the hum-drum of life and for that i’m very grateful.

yesterday was move #9 since 2003…  if you ask me, i think that’s a bit excessive.  but what do i know… I’m the crazy one who keeps doing it!  :)  i’m very grateful for everyone who showed up to haul boxes and furniture for me and have a busy weekend ahead of unpacking and organizing. 

i love seeing God’s faithfulness in the middle of my chaotic life.  yesterday was one of those… just little reminders that my God cares… little encouragements from friends and little examples of His amazing grace.  thanks for your prayers.  i’m grateful.

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  1. God’s faithfulness and infinite patience with us is amazing! I used to move every six months, the best part, was cleansing out all the mess we tend to hold onto. Kinda how when we move away the debris and come to the cross. Glad you are more at peace and can get settled in.

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