winner of devotional book giveaway!


I just wanted to say a super big congrats to Joe Fox from Count it all Joy for being the big winner of the 22 devotional book giveaway from

I hope you enjoy the books and I look forward to reading many of your reviews. 

and by the way… I’m only half kidding about being jealous…  ;)

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  1. Half-kidding ? I actually didn’t think you were kidding at all :)

    There are some real gems on this list. I’m looking forward to receiving them.

    I think I originally learned about the contest from you, so I have you to thank for pointing me there. I enjoy stopping by there to read your posts and glad that you have another forum and audience for your writing.

    Hope you are doing well Emily – blessings to you !

  2. feel free to thank me through bribery, free books or cold hard cash. :)

    seriously though, i’m very thrilled to be associated with a winner such as yourself. :) congrats and enjoy!

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