sanctification and blessing


i’ve been thinking lately about sanctification.  since becoming a Christian, i seem to have grown the fastest and learned the most about God through trials i’ve faced.  i think i started to equate sanctification with suffering in many ways.  but the past few months, there has been a shift.

since the start of my relationship with Ted, I have been blessed beyond measure.  through his love, I have come to understand more clearly the love of my God.  through his patience with me, I see the mercy and faithfulness of my Savior.  through Ted’s forgiveness and desire for reconciliation (the few times we have disagreed), I better understand our God, who is eager for reconciliation and a growing relationship with his Bride.

its true that God brings sanctification through trials.  i’ve experienced that countless times.  but its also true that He doesn’t use trials alone to bring this purpose about.

i’m learning what that means…


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  1. “Trials” are not always negative things that happen – even though that is how we most often view them. You can have “trials” through blessings as well. How are you going to act when God blesses you? Are you going to continue to praise His name and to give Him the glory and the credit He so richly deserves? Are you going to continue to lean on Him, to trust in Him, to rely solely on Him?

    After the more difficult “trial” is one of prosperity. (Luke 18:18-30)

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