i’m not dead… i swear


though it would seem that there is no life left in me (due the the lack of posting on the blog) the fact is that I am, in fact, not dead.

wedding plans are coming along nicely.  the date is offically set for May 14th. The wedding will be at Laurens Rd United Methodist church in Greenville (that’s where Ted’s parents got married) and the reception will be at the Davenport in Greer.  We are in the process of talking to caterers for the reception, i’m going to reserve the cake today, we have picked out our musicians for the ceremony and some of the music, we’ve booked the honeymoon location and i bought my dress on Saturday! :)

there’s still lots to do though…  we need to get our passports and order invitations this week so we can have both of those sent out in time… and this Saturday we’re talking with a florist and picking out fabric for our bridesmaid dresses.

registering for gifts was fun!! :)  we’re not quite finished, but we have registered at Williams Sonoma and Target.  We’re about halfway done with the Target registry and we are going to register at Lowe’s too.  its fun to pick out what we like together and plan for our house.

that’s about it for now.  i’m just trying to remember to breathe, eat and sleep.  in that order…  :)


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