life. on overdrive.


feel like life is on overdrive.  our car is acting up. i just quit my job.  my Poppop had a heart attack on monday and has taken a turn for the worst it seems.  My aunt had surgery last week and has also taken a turn for the worst.  Ted and I will be driving to Pa tomorrow after work and will be taking my mom with us.

He gives and takes away.  Blessed be Your name.

I’m almost surprised at the level of calm in my heart.  My life is literally swirling around me, completely out of my control (as if it ever is IN my control).  But my heart, though grieving and burdened, is at peace.  My husband has held me as I cry.  My God has held my Ted.  and me.

My God is faithful.  my eyes are weepy.  but I know no matter what comes of it all, my Sovereign Creator planned this day.  My friends and my sweetheart have pointed me so faithfully to our God’s control.  I’m grateful to have such amazing friends who point me and at times carry me to Jesus when I’m too weary to go myself.

So, thanks.  Thanks for your prayers for me and my family.  Please continue to pray that the God of all peace would give me peace through this time.


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