ear infection… :(


I went to the doctor this morning at 11am.  Felt like I have been underwater for about 4 days now.  I’ve had some congestion build up over the past few days but no drainage and nothing seemed seriously wrong… no fever, no excessive nose blowing like is typical with a sinus infection.  I was taking day-quil to see if that would help and using the Netti pot, but it didn’t seem to be sinus related even though I knew something was wrong.

The stabbing pain in the ears was undeniable last night.   :(  I knew that the pressure, ringing and “popping” had turned into a full blown infection.  I never had many ear infections as a kid, but I sure understand why kids scream when they get one.  There have been many times I’ve been tempted to if I had thought it would do any good.  :)

Thankfully it looks like we’ve caught this one before it turned into a sinus infection too (which is typical for me).  So, i’ve got drops and an antibiotic.  No fun.  But at least it should go away soon.  Hurray for drugs! :)  haha.

Would appreciate prayers for tomorrow though… I’m feeling quite drained already and am helping to throw two different parties tomorrow… one is a baby shower for my dear friend Jessica and the other is a birthday party for my friend Anna.  I’m hoping that I’m able to function and enjoy them…

okay… off to take a nap…


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