vacations are good for reevaluating. and sleeping.  unfortunately I’ve been doing more of the first than the second.  and since i’m still working some, it doesn’t quite feel like a full vacation.  but that’s okay… it’s still been really nice.

Enjoying my time away.  Is hard to see my granparents get older and know that these times are limited…  but we are enjoying every moment of our trip. :)  Looking forward to visiting Jess this weekend in DC too! :)

Ted and I were talking the other day about how facebook in some ways aids in the “superwoman” mindset…  I have a billion friends who all have stuff going on and I feel a responsibility to care for each of them…but in reality some of these people are folks i haven’t even talked to in years.  I should be investing in the friends that are a part of my daily life now…  not saying that doesn’t mean I should ignore the old friends, but its just a matter of priorities i guess.  Seems to be a constant thing of figuring out exactly what (and who) God is calling me to invest in and serve.

on a random note, we went to Philadelphia today and saw Independence Hall.  Is kind of sad to see how far our country has come since the original ideas we were based on… some of the quotes from the Declaration / Constitution seem almost foreign to the way things are actually done today…



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  1. Ah, Emily. Indeed, it is tough to discern who God wants us to touch and the means in which to go about it. I am thinking that the FB thing is a great great thing for some people, some of the time. However, it is not the do all and end all. I am finding some unique opportunities to minister via that direction, but in my life I am limited as to how much I can get out and about.

    We are fast approaching an age where there is less and less opportunity to touch others in a daily routine because we get so busy with activities. In the activities we fail to even recognize, sometimes, the opportunities God affords us to touch another’s soul.

    FB is a playground for a very diverse group of folks. Folks who have lives. Folks who want the lives others have. Folks who need the lives of others. And folks who sadly, who have no life other than that which they can enjoin via the internet. We have a lot of lonely people in the world. People, who for whatever reason, do not have what we have in relationships. They find a sort of validation on the back and forth of facebook. If only we could all use every way we have of being the ambassadors for Christ that He has called us to be, we’d have a more Christ-filled world. I pray you keep your presence effectively tuned into FB and the internet. Your heart is a heart that needs to be felt via this medium.

    perhaps you could just blog and then use that as your facebook influence by posting it to FB. But just remember that sweet adorable hubby of yours is paramount. Our men can feel a bit ostracized by our affair with our laptops. The Lord is giving me some new pointers in this area. Love ya girl, glad you’ve had a wonderful restful and reconnecting time. hariette

  2. Great advise from hubby! My hubby gave me the same advise a few years ago and it freed me to serve the Lord even more richly than I could have ever imagined! My boundaries have fallen in pleasant places : )

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