trusting God in the unknowns…


at some point i’ll post the whole story here… but for now just please pray for Ted and I.

We went to the dr today and she did bloodwork because I have still been spotting. We found out Sunday that I am about 5 weeks pregnant!  What a surprise and HUGE answer to prayer that we’ve been praying for months now.  We were shocked and rejoicing and overwhelmed that God would not only heal me from my wheat allergy (see previous post) but also allow us to get pregnant too! :)

Well, the labs came back and said my HCG (pregnancy hormone) is 40. Anything over 5 is considered “pregnant” but 40 is really low. At 5 weeks pregnant (which is what we think I am right now) the level should be about 2000+. The level pretty much doubles with each 48 hour time period you’re pregnant. So, either we got the date wrong and are only about 3 weeks pregnant instead of 5, or i am miscarrying this baby.

i go back thursday morning for bloodwork again to see if the levels have doubled and all is okay or if they have gone down and that is a sign of miscarriage. i’m kind of a wreck right now.

please just be praying. being pregnant by mothers day was a really big deal and now there’s a chance I won’t be. i know God is in control. He gave us this baby and I know he is good even if he takes the baby. but I really don’t want that to happen… i just don’t know what to say.

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  1. Emily, am praying for complete healing. I know the situation all too well. May God give you peace as you wait upon His perfect will. selahV

  2. I have been praying for you and this specifically since the moment you called me. Love you lots and praying for you.

  3. thanks everyone! God has been so faithful to remind me of His care and goodness and so many of my friends have been so encouraging by their prayers and sweet notes! Thanks so much! Please keep praying that God will protect Baby Riley (aka our little chickpea) and keep him/her safe and sound for another 8 months! :)

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