why tell so soon?


You might be wondering why we would announce our pregnancy right away… since chance of miscarriage early on is high.  This is something that Ted and I discussed in detail over the months of trying for this baby.  And for us, it came down to this…  we wanted friends around us to help us walk through what to expect.

Since we’re first time parents here, we don’t know the symptoms.  Since I can often struggle with worry, it is helpful to have friends who have been there before help me keep my head thinking clearly.  We want friends praying alongside of us for the health and safety of our baby.  And if something did go wrong with this pregnancy, we wouldn’t want to walk through that alone.

It’s times like this, times of “unknowns” that I am so grateful for the body of Christ… for little texts, phone calls, encouragement, prayers, etc.  Your friendship has been such a help to me as the up and down of my emotions threaten to take over.  I know in the grand scheme of things, pregnancies happen and are lost every day.  I want to hold this loosely as a gift from a loving Creator God and trust Him if He chooses to take this life from us.  But I don’t want to assume the worst either, and that’s where my friends and family have been a great help.

In reality I have no control over what happens any day of my life.  I could get in a car wreck on the way home from work.  I could have a heart attack and die suddenly.  We are not promised tomorrow… for our lives or the lives of our children.  So, I want to rejoice with where God has placed me today and trust Him for tomorrow in this situation as well.  He gives good gifts to His children.  Today this baby growing is a good gift.  So, I will rest there and trust Him for tomorrow.


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  1. You said what I was trying to say beautifully! Guess that’s why you have a blog and I don’t. ;) Rejoicing and prayers continue. :)

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