I feel like I need to apologize


I know God is faithful. I know He planned for Ted and I to walk through this trial.  And I know He will sustain us every step of the way.  I have no reason to doubt that when my emotions tell me otherwise.


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  1. Ahh, crying all over again! A dear friend sent me that link in the midst of walking through my last miscarriage.

    All we can do is face our emotions, cry out to God, and speak truth to our souls. You are absolutely right, God is faithful. He knew this would happen and he will walk with you through. He will give you the strength and grace and peace to survive this and come out on the other side glorifying Him and even stronger than before.

    But I know it is still hard and it still hurts. Losing a child is a terribly sad thing we must face due to the curse of the fall and sin. But we don’t have to do it alone. And with Him and through Him, we will be made whole, even when there is a hole (or holes) in our earthly family.

    I have no idea what it will truly be like in heaven. But I do have confidence that my missing children are with the Lord, somehow resting in Jesus’ arms. As much as I miss them, how wonderful that they are where I long to be. How wonderful that they only knew love their short lives on this earth and have not had to endure the pain and suffering of this life. I do think we will be reunited one day. I have no idea what it will look like, but we will all be rejoicing adn worshipping before the throne, so how it looks won’t really matter. :)

    Sorry, I’m rambling on and on today. You have continued to be in my frequent thoughts and prayers and will continue to be . . .

  2. thanks Rachel! ramblings are welcome here…though it didn’t feel like rambling to me. :) thanks for sharing your thoughts… its encouraging to know we’re not going through this alone. Love you.

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