post midnight randomness


Ted knows I hate vacuuming the steps in our house (we have 14 of them) because its just awkward to hold the vacuum in one hand, hold the vacuum hose in the other and try not to fall over.  i’ve fallen down the steps enough times without added help.  so, he does this for me.  Tonight he emptied all the trash cans too.  He’s pretty much awesome in my book.

I cried myself to sleep Saturday night because Ted had vertigo and couldn’t get out of bed all day.  I was convinced he had a tumor and was going to die.  Sunday he took sudafed and it seemed to help.  Apparently it was sinus related because last time I checked sudafed doesn’t help brain tumors.

I cleaned the bathroom tonight.  I mean, REALLY cleaned.  Scrubbed the floors on hands and knees kind of clean.   I think I do this once a year.  The rest of the time I pretend to clean but really just sweep the dirt into the corners (well, not really).  Its so clean it makes me want to go eat dinner on the bathroom floor.  but again, not really.

More bloodwork tomorrow morning and another doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon to see what’s going on with this ectopic pregnancy.  If I didn’t know better, I would think the Greenville Hospital System is trying to take all my blood… one vial at a time. I really hope they don’t tell me I need another chemo shot.  I think chemo is awful.

This weekend I’m going on a girls trip with some friends.  We’re going to the hopping city of Knoxville.  Ted is probably going to Mississippi to see his family.  This is a first for our marriage… an entire weekend apart… and in different states nonetheless.  I hope I don’t die of loneliness.  Thankfully our girls weekend includes a movie and popcorn, a round of pool and a mani/pedi.  I hope I will survive.  ;)

This is why I don’t write blog posts late at night.  I really have nothing to say and my brain is like a ping pong ball… bouncing back and forth in my head from all the thoughts of today.  but somehow this randomness is cathartic tonight.  Sorry to bore you with nothingness.

P.S. I will probably have a weird dream about Captain America.  We used a groupon deal and went to go see it for a date night tonight.  It was good.  And a little weird when that German dude ripped off his face and was all red and nose-less underneath.


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  1. I love your randomness. So glad you have a hubby that does the little things that make your life easier. I’m one of the blessed women in life too. My hubby does almost everything for me, nowadays, since my back prohibits many of the activities I use to do. God is so good. I pray God blesses your Ted with extra joy today.

    Been there with the unfounded fears that something will happen with a loved one after I lost my son. That is normal and understandable. Takes time to regain total trust when met with tragedy.

    Praying your doctor is able to get your tube situation straightened out without more chemo shots. That does not sound like fun. Try and relax and let God bless you with a wonderful trip with the girls. Thanks for sharing a bit of your nitetime ramblings.

  2. update… i didn’t have weird dreams about Captain America last night. I dreamed that I went to Walmart, to their labor and delivery department and had a baby. About 30 minutes later I was dying to go to Target and buy one of those pretty nursing tank tops with the lace at the top (I bought one a few months ago for a friend of mine) but everyone told me to lay back down and let the Walmart nurse take care of me. The baby’s diaper was bright yellow. He looked like a random combination of 3 of my best friends babies. He was 5lbs 8oz and 26 inches long (haha). Every time I put him down he turned into a little white bunny and tried to hop away. Wonder if that means anything.

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