welcome to the craziness of 2012. jump right in.


wow! 2012 has started of to be a busy year. I sat here thinking through this post while a pot of soup was apparently burning on the stove. I started to type and smelled that oh-too-familiar scent of burning beans. whoops. Since switching to dried beans and getting a cast iron dutch oven I can’t tell you how many bags of beans I’ve destroyed. They are so much cheaper than the canned beans, but its easy to let them go and forget about them until your whole house smells like burntness. Time to light a candle and plan something else for dinner tomorrow night. :)

well, back to my original ramblings. 2012 has started out quite busy around the Riley household… we were in PA the week between Christmas for a cousin’s wedding and to visit my extended family. We left New Years Eve to drive home and after a few hours of sleep and a visit to the hospital (Ted’s grandma had a mini stroke but is doing okay now), we started on the Extreme Riley Home Makeover project. There have been several projects on our to-do list but we’ve decided it’s time to go ahead and get some of them done. Ted’s office has been upstairs in the 3rd bedroom and the room downstairs where our TV has been is kinda small when friends come over. So, we decided to rearrange… move the office downstairs into the room where the TV was, move the TV to the living room & the futon to the 3rd bedroom, move the drums from the living room to the new office, etc. Also included in this has been a significant amount of decluttering. :)

Well, I took two days off work to work on the projects and then Wednesday we finished the major reshuffling. We went to care group and almost immediately afterwards I started feeling sick. I caught some bad combination of a head cold (or sinus infection, not sure which) and a stomach bug. So, there went the rest of my week (and weekend)… spent between the bed, the couch and the potty. :( Finally today I’ve started feeling better. Which is good because tomorrow I go back to work.

Ted and I have also started a Biggest Loser challenge group on Facebook. We both would like to get back to where we were when we got married, and especially for me, last year was hard on my body… I’d love to just have more energy and feel better overall, so our goal is to workout 4 times a week. We’ll be doing weekly weigh ins and challenges. :) So far, I’m down 4.4 lbs! I’m sure some of that is due to the fact that I’ve been sick the past few days, but we’ve also really been monitoring our food & going to the gym (earlier in the week before I was sick). I’d love to be back to my goal weight during this season of Biggest Loser. Its something we talked about last season but never had the motivation. I figured nothing motivates you more than posting your pictures, weight and measurements to a whole group of 30+ friends! Yikes. humbling to say the least. But hopefully this time we’ll see results ;)

Our adoption training is this weekend! YAY! I know its only been 3 months since our orientation, but it feels like so long! We are praying that God continues to open doors for DSS adoption and we are praying that He leads us clearly to the children he wants for our family. At this point we are looking for a sibling group of 2 or 3, ages 7 and under. After our training this and next weekend, we’ll have to have a physical, get fingerprinted, turn in our paperwork and then wait for the homestudy and home inspections to be scheduled.

So, lots going on here. God seems to be at work in many areas. We’re looking forward to seeing what He does…


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