Careful! Lunges are dangerous!


At the beginning of January, Ted and I started a Biggest Loser Challenge on Facebook. It’s been going well so far. We are both down several inches overall and have each lost about 5-7 pounds. We’ve tried to change up the workouts and part of that included doing a Jillian workout DVD.

Well, yesterday while doing the warmup on the DVD, I went to do a lunge and dislocated my knee. My kneecap was stuck out of joint and Ted described my response as worse than bloodcurdling. After about a minute or so, while Ted was dialing 911, I was able to get the knee back in its normal not contorted position. We called Ted’s dad (who’s an ER doctor) and decided after talking to him to forego an ER visit last night and go see an orthopedist today.

We went at 1 today, he did X-rays of my knee and the good news is that nothing is broken. The bad news is that an injury like this can take a while to heal. At this point, he’s not sure if anything is torn so I have to stay completely off of it (aka crutches) for two weeks and keep it fully immobilized in a brace that has steel rods, is set at a 20 degree angle bend and goes down my entire leg. :(

So that’s been my last 24 hours and I’m already bored of being stuck on the couch. I’m off work completely for the next two weeks and then I go back to the orthopedist to see how it’s healing. If all is well, we will evaluate how long I’ll need the brace and crutches before physical therapy. If its not better (or worse) then he will do an MRI to see what additional damage might be there.

Please be praying that God would calm my heart as I see medical bills yet again combined with the lack of my income. God has always been faithful to provide and I’m excited to see what He has in store this time around. Pray that I can be focused on Him and what is right as opposed to what is wrong. Also, pray that my knee heals quickly and won’t require surgery. Thanks! :)



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    • Thanks Jacque :)
      It’s easy to get frustrated by it but I’m praying God gives me supernatural strength to trust him and not fear. He’s always so faithful and I get to see it again now in a new way.

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