“If we are really following Jesus, we will go to the hard places. Being a Christ follower means being acquainted with sorrow. Because we must know sorrow to be able to fully appreciate Joy. Joy costs pain, but the pain is worth it.” Katie Davis

My knee is torn in two different places. It will most likely require surgery. I will find out next Tuesday for sure.

My husband and I are so weary. We have tried time and time again to earn more money and get our debt paid off and each time something happens and we get one step ahead we are thrown two steps backwards.

Our house needs repairs. The tax return money will be going to surgery or living expenses instead.

We long for children. Our house seems empty and quiet. My heart is still broken from the loss of our three babies. A friend had her second child today and another friend announced she’s 10 1/2 weeks pregnant.

A dear friend is lonely and her church is splitting. She is desperate for a hug and lives 1/2 a world away. I wish she were closer.

Im sure that to you, it sounds like I’m complaining. But they are not complaints. This is me, where I am today, choosing to rejoice in the Lord and in His kindness in my life, in the sorrow and pain, right now.

You see, I am grateful that my knee wasn’t hurt worse. I’m thankful for a comfortable place where I can rest and hopefully heal. I’m grateful for the time to spend in prayer. And through this time God is strengthening me and showing me hope that is deeper than what happens in my day. He has provided me with a husband who sacrifices to care for me. He’s provided me with an amazing church family who is giving us meals and helping to meet our physical needs. I’m not going through this alone. I can cry with my friend who is living through loss and constant pain. I can rejoice with my friends who God has given the gift of new life in children. And they help me as I struggle with the whys.

He has been so good to me. My heart knows this. I truly believe it. An that truth brings joy. Joy in the weariness. Joy in each pain. Joy in each breath.

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