another ectopic? really?


we found out Friday that there is a good chance this pregnancy is another ectopic. based on the ultrasound it seemed pretty clear there was a sac on my left side but it was hard to tell if it’s in my ovary or tube. the dr wanted me to do bloodwork again Monday and another ultrasound on Tuesday. hopefully by then we will be able to tell for sure were it is and be able to decide what to do next.

it looks like our options would be methotrexate again or to do surgery and try to either repair or take the damaged tube. since this would be two ectopics back to back on the same side and since I had such a horrible reaction to the methotrexate last year, Ted and I would prefer the surgery to fix or take the tube. if this is an ovarian ectopic, then I suppose they just take the embryo and try to leave the ovary… not really sure about that one.

I’m currently on pelvic rest which means no lifting anything over 5lbs, no sex, no standing and no walking for extended periods of time due to the risk of my tube bursting or other serious complications.

Ted has been working a lot lately. he worked through the entire night last night and got home at 8am. he is doing major systems upgrades to the computers at Furman and once he finishes programming the instal/upgrades then he has about twenty new computers to set up. it’s been difficult having him working such long hours (mostly at night) but I’m so proud of my man for working so hard and being such a good provider for me. he has over and over again made it clear that his main priority is to care for me and if the servers need to wait he will stay home with me to care for me. I couldn’t ask for a better man than that.

depending on if I end up having surgery this week, Ted and I are planning to go to Pa this weekend to visit my grandmother who was just diagnosed with cancer. the surgery should be a quick outpatient procedure so we are hoping either way to be able to go and see her. she is opting not to receive any chemo or radiation and honestly I can’t blame her. I love her and I know our days together are limited so I want to enjoy every moment we have to spend together.

life has been so overwhelming lately with various things happening at our house (our fence got run down by a drunk driver, our lawn mowers and weed eater are all broken, two of our three toilets started leaking, our AC unit is broken, etc) but it has been even more overwhelming to see our friends love as care for us. our car is paid off, our fence was repaired by a dad and his son, our yard was cleaned up last month by our care group and has been mowed by another father and son in our church since then, we have 3 window AC units to use so we have still had nice cool air and since we have 3 bathrooms we don’t really need them all right now…just turned the water off to the other two and are doing just fine.

folks have been loving us so freely and sacrificially and even while we are struggling with God’s love (or seeming lack thereof) it is impossible to deny the love of his people. I’m truly grateful. from those that live farther away or can’t help us physically we have been getting notes and flowers and prayers and all kinds of encouragement. I truly have the best friends in the world.

so all in all we are doing ok…just taking it a day at a time. the relationship between Ted and I has grown much closer as we are leaning on each other so much more right now than normal. I love that man and would rather walk through trials of life with him than anyone else. and our friends and their support has brought so many smiles to our faces lately… and that’s kinda a big deal right now.

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