my last post


after months of silence i’ve decided its time… this is my last post on this blog. its been a journey for sure, though often not down the paths I would have chosen. my heart and mind just aren’t in a place to continue this blog anymore, so i’m deciding to shut it down. thanks to my friends who have taken this journey with me. it’s been a ride.

and to those who are finding this blog later… as a follow up to my last post, I ended up in emergency surgery the very next day, had a horrible 3 month recovery from the surgery and lost much through the process but i’m learning to put the pieces back together and figure out how to live again.

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  1. Dear Emily,
    I came across your blog this morning and was overwhelmed by your journey. As a pastor, one of my biggest challenges and frustrations is to have the right words to say that can bring comfort to a family or person who is going through loss. So often words do not come. I do not have any great words of wisdom or comfort for you today other than to say that I prayed that God would restore within you the ability to praise Him with hope and to experience His love in a fresh way. This may not be your greatest desire right now as you work to put the pieces of your life back together but I hope it wil become a desire as you walk through this journey. Until then, I pray that each day’s blessings will encourage you and strengthen you.

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